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Transforming Retail Spaces: The Impact of Landscaping on Retail Sales in Canada

The world of retail property management and ownership in Canada isn’t just about keeping the inside of your shops looking sharp. The outside counts big time! Whether it’s a charming little boutique or a sprawling shopping center, the look and feel of your outdoor spaces play a huge role in drawing in customers and keeping your tenants happy. Think about it—when a place looks inviting from the outside, people are more inclined to check it out, stick around, and spend money.

Let’s Talk About Retail Landscaping in Canada

For those managing retail spaces, it’s clear as day: lacklustre outdoor spaces are a no-go. They can turn potential tenants and shoppers away fast. On the flip side, a well-kept, attractive outdoor area can make your retail spot a magnet for both. Green spaces, beautiful landscaping, and thoughtful touches make your property look good and feel good, encouraging shoppers to relax and enjoy themselves. And when people feel good, they tend to open their wallets wider!



Solving Retail Landscaping Challenges with Smart Design

Here’s exactly how you can make your retail landscaping in Canada really work for you, keeping your retail spaces occupied and customers happy: 

Greening Your Space the Canadian Way

Eco-friendly retail spaces in Canada aren’t just nice to have; they’re a must for drawing in an environmentally-conscious crowd. Incorporating sustainable gardens shows you care about the planet and provides a lush escape for shoppers, making their visit memorable. 

Rolling with the Seasons

Keeping things fresh with seasonal landscaping for Canadian retail means your space never gets boring. Imagine vibrant tulips in spring and cozy evergreens in winter—your tenants and their customers will have something new to look forward to every few months!

Increasing Lease Time and Boosting Sales

When a retail space is a joy to be in, tenants and customers stick around longer. Using eco-friendly designs not only looks great but also cuts down on costs. Think solar lights and water-saving irrigation—that’s good for both the earth and your budget.

Everyone’s Welcome Here

A well-designed outdoor space welcomes everyone, including those with disabilities. Spacious pathways and comfy seating spots mean everyone can enjoy a day out shopping without a hitch.

Case Study: BentallGreenOak 


Take BentallGreenOak, for example. A little landscaping magic turned this spot from meh to marvelous, boosting foot traffic and tenant happiness. Alongside Gauthier & Associates Landscape Architects Inc, the Premier Landscape team rejuvenated the outdoor areas for Parkgate Village, Champlain Square, and Westgate Shopping Centre.

All malls remained open, and the visitor experience wasn’t impacted at all throughout this giant project. These malls can now boast improved occupancy and stunning outdoor areas.

How to Choose the Right Landscaping Features for Your Retail Space

When it comes to dressing up your retail spot, it’s all about picking landscaping elements that vibe well with your brand and stand up to the Canadian seasons:

Staying True to Your Brand

You want your outdoor space to be a true reflection of what your brand stands for. If you’re all about luxury, think sleek sculptures and minimalist designs that scream sophistication. Whatever your brand’s personality, make sure your outdoor area shows it off properly!

Working with the Weather

Choosing the right plants and materials is key—go for the ones that can handle your local weather. This means less fuss and lower costs in keeping everything looking great.

Making It All About the Experience

Think about what makes a shopping experience go from good to great. Comfortable shaded areas for a break? Check! Smooth pathways that make getting around a breeze? Double check! It’s all about creating a welcoming space shoppers love spending time in.

Why Invest in Top-Notch Landscaping?

Let’s face it: a snazzy outdoor area can seriously amp up your property’s curb appeal, making it more attractive to potential tenants and shoppers. Better landscaping means better property value, fewer vacancies, and happier tenants. It’s a win all around!

Boosting Curb Appeal

Amp up your curb appeal to turn heads and draw in crowds. A great-looking outdoor space isn’t just eye candy; it’s your first handshake with potential customers and tenants. Make it count, and watch them walk right in!

Upping Your Property’s Value

Invest a little in your landscaping and watch your property’s value soar. It’s a smart move that pays off, giving you a sweet return on investment. After all, who wouldn’t want to pay more for a prime-looking place?

Keeping Tenants Happy

Say goodbye to vacancy signs! A beautiful outdoor area keeps your current tenants sticking around and makes new ones want to join the party. Lower turnover means a steadier income stream and less hassle. Everyone’s happy!

How to Get Started with Your Retail Landscaping Project

Consider giving your retail space a landscaping lift. Start by figuring out what you want to achieve. Do you want to pull in more visitors, make shopping more enjoyable, or ease up on maintenance? Get clear on your goals, assess your space, and maybe pin some ideas from your favourite outdoor designs. Then, it’s time to chat with the pros. Teams like Premier Landscaping are perfect for bringing your vision to life, making sure everything is just right for your specific needs and local conditions.

Sprucing up your retail spaces with thoughtful landscaping isn’t just about beauty—it’s about boosting business. From creating an inviting atmosphere that attracts more foot traffic to implementing sustainable practices that resonate with today’s eco-conscious shoppers, every little detail counts. With the right approach, your outdoor spaces can become a key player in your retail strategy, keeping tenants content, shoppers spending, and your properties buzzing with activity.

If it sounds like we do things a little differently, that’s because we do! To discuss the best landscaping options for your retail property, speak to a Premier Landscaping specialist today – We’re here to help.